If you are looking for a way to spruce up your outdoor space that’s affordable, and looks amazing, consider a stamped concrete patio. A stamped concrete patio is basically the same as your typical concrete patio, except that it uses a modern finishing technique.

Before pouring, a coloring or tint is mixed in, to give the concrete the desired shade. Then, before the concrete is allowed to dry, a stamping technique is used which can mimic bricks, wood, or tiles. 

This technique can be used to achieve a more natural or custom look when compared to your boring old gray concrete slab patio. And, it may not be as complicated as you think. Following are some reasons you might consider stamped concrete in your patio space.

Variety of Options

Stamped concrete is fully customizable. You can choose a color or design that matches that of your house or your existing landscaping installations. This way you don’t have to worry about your new concrete sticking out, as it will blend it like it has been a part of your vision from the start. And with so many stamps and texture options available, that vision can be virtually limitless.

Durability and Performance

Stamped concrete can hold up to a lot abuse, and can last for a very long time. It’s not prone to settling, and won’t be damaged by increased foot traffic, pets, or any furniture you might choose to put on it. Stamped concrete will perform and look great for many years, with minimal maintenance.

Ease of Installation

If done by a professional, your stamped concrete patio can be installed in as little as a day or two. In fact, it’s one of the quickest patio types you can choose when it comes to installation. It’s a better choice than the use of stone pavers or natural stone because it can simply be poured into place.

Minimal Maintenance

Stamped concrete is a great choice for those homeowners who want a great looking patio without all the hassle of constant upkeep. The big secret behind stamped concrete is that while it looks amazing, the only maintenance it needs is a resealing every few years, and some broom work or perhaps a pressure wash from time to time to keep it looking its very best.

Resealing should be done to prevent any cracking or chipping, and keep the color from fading.

Low Cost

When compared to other options for patio materials, stamped concrete can actually be quite a bit more affordable. This is partly due to the fact that it is poured into place, eliminating the need for the labor that would be required for stone pavers or slabs. Concrete itself is also fairly inexpensive, so the cost mainly comes from the skill of the person doing the installation!

While there are many choices of materials when it comes to installing a concrete patio on your property, we believe stamped concrete is one of the best. Concrete stamping and staining allows you to customize the look of your home and garden, while keeping the cost down.

If you are considering stamped concrete for your yard or garden, talk with a professional at Pacific Concrete Patio and Driveway to see how the unique options offered by this can upgrade your space.