Most people think of concrete as drab, boring, and dull, but concrete can be so many things besides plain ol’ gray. But, they do have a point. If not done properly, concrete has the capacity to be all of those things, but it also has the potential to so, so much more. 

People who think concrete is plain must not know that they can achieve the expensive look of luxury materials like stone or brick at a fraction of the cost. They must also not be aware that concrete is fully customizable and that they can add nearly endless combinations of designs and colors to suit their style, and to conform to their already existing landscaping scheme.

Don’t let a boring old concrete slab steal your curb appeal. Many people have concrete driveways simply because they are more functional than dirt or gravel, which is true. But if you are bored of your plain old “just better than dirt or gravel” driveway, you’ll be thrilled to hear that completely replacing it isn’t the only way of sprucing it up and making it look great.

Show Off What’s Underneath

Concrete is made up of 75% aggregate, basically meaning sand and stones. It’s the bulk of the concrete that’s all held together by cement. Cement+aggregate=concrete. You can easily spiff up your driveway or patio just by using a concrete surface retarder to scrub away the top layer of cement. This will reveal all the unique texture of the aggregate underneath. You can even take it a step further by adding colored glass, seashells, or other material for an additional pop of color and texture.

Add A Splash Of Color

You don’t have to get crazy and turn your driveway hot pink. In fact, we don’t recommend it (and neither does your homeowners association). We do, however, recommend using colors like tan, or a natural shade of green. You may also choose to use color in combination with an engraving technique. For example you could emulate a brick driveway with a red stain and a brick pattern engraved on the surface.


Engraving or scoring is a great way to add some texture. You can engrave or etch any number of designs into the surface of your concrete. Alternatively, you can also cut the concrete into decorative patterns, separating into squares, rectangles, or triangles of varying sizes.

Decorative Overlay

If your concrete is looking dull and just needs a bit of freshening up, you can use an overly to coat the surface. This will help cover up any stains, blemishes or pitted spots that might exist, leaving it with a nice even coloring.

As you can see, there are many ways to improve the look of your existing concrete patio or driveway without having to replace it completely. If you are looking to update the concrete surface you already have, or are ready for a brand new project, call today to see how we can help you improve your outdoor space!