A stamped concrete patio can do wonders to upgrade your outdoor space. You can use concrete finishing techniques like stamping and staining to emulate high end materials like brick or natural stone – for a fraction of the cost. 

Not only is stamped concrete cheaper than other materials, but it also tends to be much more durable, meaning your investment will last longer. It also has the benefit of being highly customizable, with so many design options available, you can achieve the exact look you are going for.

Stamped concrete also tends to require less overall maintenance than other construction materials. There are, however, a few things you can do to prevent any damage, and keep your patio looking its best for many years to come. 

Keep It Clean

Keeping your stamped concrete clean and clear of excess debris is key to maintaining the sealant. Just use a broom to sweep away any dust, dirt, leaves or twigs that might start to pile up. You can also use a leaf blower for this if you have one. Once you have completed this, use a garden hose and give it a good spray down. A pressure washer can be super effective as well.

You can use a gentle cleaning solution, such as a warm water and dish soap to spot clean any food or grease stains. Don’t use any high powered cleaning products that could damage the seal, and be sure to wash away any residue with fresh clean water.


After you concrete is allowed to fully set, a sealant will be applied. This protects the surface from water and the sun’s harsh rays. It will also protect the tint, if any has been applied, as well as give it a nice shine. Unfortunately, this sealant will only last so long, and will have to be re-done from time to time.

If you reseal your concrete patio too often, multiple thick layers of coating can build up and result in an unfortunate yellow hue. Your patio should be resealed every two to three years, except in the case of heavy foot traffic or extreme weather. In these instances you may need to have it resealed sooner.

It is recommended that you call a professional to handle the resealing. As the seal plays such an important role in keeping your patio looking its best, resealing gone wrong can be detrimental. You make sure your patio is ready for resealing by removing all furniture and giving it good cleaning.

Remove Ice and Snow

Ice and snow that is allowed to accumulate on the patio’s surface can lead to lasting damages, so you should be sure to remove it promptly. However, be mindful of the tools that you use for this task. Using a metal edge on stamped concrete can leave a scratch, so be sure to use a snow blower or a plastic shovel. Also be sure to avoid de-icing salts and solutions, as these can damage the sealant.

Be Proactive

Take steps to protect your patio from the elements, and thereby extend its lifespan. The sun and rain can eventually fade and damage the concrete, so you may choose to protect it from the weather by using a canvas cover, or installing a pergola.

You may also consider covering your patio with a large area rug. This can add a splash of color and character to your outdoor area and will also protect your patio from the sun, spills, or scratches that may be caused by furniture.

A concrete patio that is installed correctly and well maintained has the capacity to last nearly a lifetime. These simple steps will help you to ensure that you get the most out of your investment, keeping your stamped concrete looking it’s best for years to come!