If you’ve finally decided to update your yard or garden by adding a patio, congratulations. It’s going to look great. But now you are faced with a choice. You need to decide whether using stamped concrete or concrete pavers are right for your project. Each of these materials has their merits, as well as their demerits, so you’ll want to make sure that you fully consider the pros and cons of each before you get your project underway.

We at Pacific Concrete Patio and Driveway have put together this little guide to help our customers in Marysville and Snohomish County make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a patio construction material.

Patio Pavers


Patio pavers come with a few advantages that are pretty significant. For one, they aren’t as prone to developing cracks when compared to stamped concrete. This is because each individual paving stone has the ability to shift along with the soil underneath, allowing it to handle heavy weight without getting damaged. In the event that there are damages, repair is pretty easy. Simply swap out the damaged paver with a new one and you’re good to go! This is contrary to concrete, which would need a professional to carry out any repair work.


The nature of patio pavers being individual pieces has its advantages as we’ve pointed out above, but this very same feature also results in some downsides. It’s great that a paver isn’t likely to develop cracks due to soil erosion or heavy loads. However, it can also result in an uneven surface resulting in a possible trip hazard. Once your pavers start to sink, you may have an issue on your hands that is very difficult to remedy. Getting your pavers even after the ground has shifted may be labor intensive and time consuming.

Stamped Concrete


Price is often the most important factor to consider in any home improvement project. One of the major advantages of stamped concrete is that it is usually more affordable than patio pavers. While the cost can vary quite a bit depending on the specifics, it is still typically the less expensive option. This is mainly due to the fact that concrete is mixed on site and poured into the desired area, while transporting heavy pavers can often be expensive.

Another major bonus of stamped concrete is its versatility. There are so many design options available. Stamped concrete can be made into almost any color, texture, or pattern you want! Especially great is that it can emulate more expensive material, like brick, slate, or even stone pavers!


One thing you’ll want to remember about stamped concrete is that if the surface isn’t stamped with enough texture it can be very slick. Make sure the surface is textured enough to give you some traction on rainy days. We think more texture just looks nicer anyways.

Another downside: even though concrete is a super durable material, cracks can still sometimes develop. Stamped concrete may not support heavy weight as well as stone pavers.

Which Should You Choose?

The choice can be tough when decided between stamped concrete or stone pavers for your patio project. Ultimately, it really comes down to the logistics of your project, your budget, and your overall preference. If you are looking for something that can support a lot of weight, you’ll want pavers. However if you are more about aesthetics, and want something that is fully customizable, then stamped concrete is the way to go. Whatever you choose, Pacific Concrete Patio and Driveway is here to offer a free quote!